Working capital is the life blood of business. It is used to pay operating costs, rent and payroll. At times you may run out of cash due to unplanned cost like leasehold improvements, renovations, purchase of machinery or equipment, or expansion. Two of the most common types of businesses that require higher working capital for inventory are retail and wholesale. An advance (loan) will help to the business to continue running smoothly.

Find loans backed by the government and other funding options. Also, here you can learn about emergency loans and tax relief available to businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Common types of funding for your business

Fund your business (

  1. Bootstrapping – Personal Savings
  2. Friends and Family
  3. Crowd Funding
  4. Angel Investors
  5. Venture Capitalists
  6. Small business loan
  7. Short term loans/Payday Loans

Funding options