Tracy Pulliam—Transportation

I.V.Y (I Value You) Transportation, LLC – 
Washington, DC
Year founded: 2019
CNPP Assistance: Business planning, marketing,  procurement, ecommerce, taxes
Additional Partners: DCSBDC, 2GI, TheDOF

Tracy Pulliam had a dream to start his own business to support his family and financial duties.

Due to uncertainty of how he could start a business while receiving disability funds he reached out to his local rehabilitation office and was granted the opportunity to start his own business with a peace of mind that his disability benefits would not be impacted or discontinued.

IVY Transportations, LLC, was then formed in 2019 with the vision of providing alternative, accessible, and reliable transportation for local DC residents. Within a few weeks of properly registering the business he was able to obtain his first contract with the DC school district to provide transportation to students all throughout the surrounding capital. As many small businesses experienced the impact of COVID-19 so did Tracy’s business. Unfortunately, the contract ended, and Tracy was at a standstill. This didn’t stop Tracy from keeping up with his family obligations and business operating responsibilities. Tracy took it in his own hands to keep persevering through the pandemic by pivoting his business and taking on smaller jobs through ride sharing apps.

A couple of months ago Tracy contacted the Small Business Hub – National Disability Institute and met with Ruth Chavez, Community Navigator of the Small Business Hub – CNPP to discuss opportunities for business growth and how to access business networks for additional technical and mentoring support. Ms. Chavez provided Tracy with technical assistance in business development, digital media marketing, ecommerce, and procurement. She also provided various small business resources, tools, and mentoring programs like the DSBDC, 2G-International, The Disability Opportunity Fund, and many others.

Tracy is optimistic and excited to continue his path of entrepreneurship and feels confident that his business will continue to grow through the new partnerships and connections created by the SBA’s Community Navigator Pilot Program, Small Business Hub, National Disability Institute.

“I appreciate Ms. Ruth in introducing me with resources and networks to help me scale and grow my business. It has helped me to think positively and stay focus on my business goals and obligations” – Tracy