Ruby Taylor — Education

Financial Joy School

Year founded: April 2021
CNPP Assistance: Conference speaking engagement, TV Channel interview, trainer for cohort program
Additional Partners: Entrepreneur in Residence for 2Gether-International’s Accelerator Program


Financial Joy School, led by CEO and Founder Ruby Sunshine Taylor, has emerged as a beacon of success in the realm of financial education.

The organization’s impact extends globally, reaching eight countries and 25 states. Through initiatives like the LEGACY! Card Deck, Financial Joy School aims to empower Black youth and families by demystifying complex financial concepts and fostering a lifelong journey towards financial freedom.

A noteworthy endeavor, Project 10,000, saw the donation of 10,000 Legacy! Card Games during Black History Month in collaboration with Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center and Wells Fargo. This initiative underscores the commitment to closing racial wealth gaps by making financial literacy accessible to underserved communities.

Financial Joy School’s achievements are not confined to educational initiatives alone. The organization’s book, “The UnConventional CEO: How To Build Wealth & Joy In the Face of Adversity,” achieved Amazon Best Seller status, reflecting the widespread recognition of its impactful work. Collaborations with Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, US Bank and National Disability Institute (NDI) further validate the organization’s diverse and influential network.

The positive outcomes of Financial Joy School’s efforts are evident in the reported metrics. The Legacy! Card Game, a fun and interactive tool, has contributed to increased confidence in taking financial risks and a shift in mindset towards saving for the future. These outcomes highlight the effectiveness of the organization’s commitment to making financial learning engaging and enjoyable.

Recognition from media outlets such as, Baltimore Business Journal and Forbes, along with nominations for prestigious awards like the DCINNO Fire Award, showcase the external validation of Financial Joy School’s impact. The organization’s involvement in major events, including the NASDAQ Closing Bell and Black Tech Week, further solidifies its standing within the industry.

Looking ahead, Financial Joy School is poised for continued success. With plans to expand its reach and impact in 2024 and beyond, along with potential partnerships with entities like NACA, Related Companies, Pfizer and Operation Hope-Financial Literacy for ALL, the organization remains committed to its vision of empowering individuals and communities to achieve financial joy. The collaborative support received from partners like the National Disability Institute and 2-Gether International underscores the strength of Financial Joy School’s network and the invaluable contributions of those who believe in its mission.

The collaboration with the National Disability Institute has played a pivotal role in advancing the mission of Financial Joy School. NDI provided a platform for the organization’s CEO, Ruby Sunshine Taylor, to speak at their recent Disability Owned Convening, share insights in an interview for BizAbility and address their accelerator cohort. The opportunity to engage with other disabled entrepreneurs and exchange experiences was a highlight of the collaboration, creating a supportive ecosystem for diverse voices within the disability community. The support, connections and genuine care offered by NDI’s staff have proven invaluable, contributing significantly to Financial Joy School’s growth and impact.

In addition, the partnership with 2-Gether International (2GI) has been a mutually beneficial relationship. Serving as the Entrepreneur in Residence for 2GI’s accelerator, Financial Joy School gained valuable experience and exposure. The organization also had the privilege of acting as the emcee for 2GI’s annual fundraiser, providing a platform to communicate the message that, even with challenges like stuttering and a traumatic brain injury, individuals can excel and contribute to impactful events. Furthermore, 2GI facilitated an opportunity for Financial Joy School to speak to Senator Ben Cardin on the unique challenges and strengths of disabled yet capable entrepreneurs. The collaborative efforts with 2GI have not only elevated Financial Joy School’s visibility, but also strengthened the narrative of inclusivity and empowerment in entrepreneurship.

“The support, connections and genuine care offered by NDI’s staff have proven invaluable, contributing significantly to Financial Joy School’s growth and impact.” – Ruby